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LINC-ed V4 Rural Regions

This year the 6th annual event of the LINC (LEADER Inspired Community Network) takes place in Hungary and will be organized by the Felső-Homokhátság LAG. The program of the event is about knowledge transfer and based mainly on conferences, workshops, training, field visits, where the participants have an opportunity for getting new information and sharing their thoughts with each other and building partnerships together. This year as an organizer from the V4 we would like to emphasize the role of the V4 Countries with our partners from Slovakia and Poland and with the potential Czech partners in the frame of the Event. 

With the help of our initiative we would like to facilitate the development of closer cooperation among the rural development organizations in the V4 region, in Central Europe and in the whole EU.

In the frame of the project we would like to demonstrate the common values and the development needs of V4 rural regions. Through the knowledge transfer provided by the project the actors from other EU countries will get information about the V4 region's rural issues and also the V4 actors will get information and build up new networks among each other and the non V4 EU LEADER organizations. 

The aim of the project is to strengthen the cooperation between the actors of rural development in Europe, especially in the V4 countries. 

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Project partners:

LAG Felső-Homokhátság Vidékfejlesztési Egyesület (lead partner)

LAG Vistula Terra Culmensis


MAS Šumperský venkov, z.s.


The project is granted by the Visegrad Fund.

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