LINC 2016

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LINC 2016 International Sports Competition

AHMED IBN RUSTA Persian lexicographist and geographist writes around 930. AD.:

„Hungarians are of turk race and their leader goes to battle with twenty thousand horsemen. The land of the Hungarians is filled with trees and waters. They have a lot of croplands. These Hungarians are handsome and beautiful people, tall, and wealthy – which they owe to trade. Their clothes are made of silk. Their weapons are laid with gold and silver and pearls.”

This year the sports competition is under the motto “Competition with instruments of the Hungarians”.

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There will be 5 categories in the competition, which will take place in the afternoon of the second day of the LINC Event:

  • Orientation to Puszta
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Archery
  • Puszta Olympics – competition of international teams
  • Carriage driving

Professional helpers and full technical equipment will be provided for each competition.

We are going to make an informal and fun competition between the participants.

Maybe for some of you, this sports competition sounds hard, but don’t worry it will be great fun and it’s not dangerous at all!

Please do not worry, the challenges and the distances are designed for average skill level participants. We wish you an enjoyable competition with lot of fun, enjoy!

Please note! After the workshop, we will stay at the same place, in Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel until midnight.

In the morning of the second day, please do not forget to bring the necessary sports equipment and clothes with you.

After the competition, all the participants will be taken back to their hotels.  You will be provided with enough time to get prepared for the closing dinner.

We would like to create international teams, so we kindly ask people from the same organization to register for different competitions!