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Cooperation Field trips - Study tour

The project visit includes a thematic program organized in the area of the Upper Sand Ridge Rural Development Association, where the participants are introduced to development projects supported by LEADER program. Each thematic visit is coordinated in a way to give an opportunity for the participants to meet the project administrators directly and to get to know several projects during the day.

We provide the opportunity to meet the locals and try their project-related activities (handicraft, preparing traditional food, chocolate production, learning national dances).

Each project is presented in cooperation with several participants. We hope that the project selected by us will make you inspired and help your brainstorming.

45 people can register in each group. We ask participants from the same organization to register to different project visits in order to familiarize themselves with more projects and locations.

During the whole program, water and lunch are served at the project sites.

Topics of the project visits 


1. Tradition and Economic Progress in a Swabian community (Újhartyán)

  • Multi-function hall / equestrian center
  • Vizitündér Lake – revitalization of the lake, development of a fishing lake, nature protection
  • Micro-business equipment purchases: Manna Ice, MOULD Ltd.


  • Bagolyfészek Youth Hostel és Crafts House
  • Restoration of German Local Museum (cooperation between regions)
  • Purchase of equipment( instrument) of Ország Közepe Regional Association Brass Band


2. Cultural Heritage and Value-Creating Local Communities (Táborfalva-Örkény-Pusztavacs)

  • Örkény - Árpád Guesthouse, Establishing rural accommodation
  • Skateboard track and fitness park as public space
  • Viewing the Birinyi instrument collection


  • Carriage Museum
  • Pusztavacs - Micro-enterprise site development (VIAPACK Paper recycling)
  • Visiting the geographical center of Hungary


3. Developments in the Spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility (Bugyi - Ócsa)

  • Checking the renovations of reformed church
  • 4Pro Ltd. - economic development, site development and innovation
  • OBO Ltd. - Social Responsibility
  • Bugyi Country House


  • Visitnting the Historic Church of Ócsa, the open-air museum and the 100-year-old cellars
  • Visiting Kakucs Country House and Deák Mansion House


4. Architectural herritage exploitation for community purposes in Central Europevisegrad fund logo blue

  • Gallery Foundation Art Residence
  • Reformed Fundraising Center
  • Protection of built heritage- restoration of Dinnyés Residence
  • Trafik Kör, Kockaház project


  • Introduction to opportunities of  equestrian tourism development  (Jakab Riding Ranch, Szervál)
  • Economic development (the development of micro-enterprises), Weisz Ltd., Chocolate Manufactory , Demonstrating the production of Bonmignon chocolate


5. Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Danube Island

  • Presentation of the local market and Boat Mill
  • Visiting the old town and the Serbian church


  • Tourism development along the Danube
  • Presentation on nationality cooperations