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LEADER Inspired Network Community (LINC) HUNGARY 2016

The Upper Sand Ridge Rural Development Association and the management of LEADER Inspired Network Community (LINC) network concluded an agreement in November, 2013 at a conference held in Vienna, that Hungary (The Upper Sand Ridge Rural Development Association) will get the right to organize the 3-day European Rural Development Conference and Trade meeting in 2016. This meeting is annually organized in different European countries.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Hungarian National Rural Network gave their approval for organizing the event. The conference is one of the most successful events of the European rural development communities, supported by countries participating in the National Rural Networks, DG AGRI, ENRD and Contact Point. They participate in the technical program development and implementation as well.

The conference aims to present the results and innovative methods achieved using the LEADER approach; to promote the network expansion of rural developers; exchange the professional experienceof representatives of the European LEADER areas; establish links for international cooperation; and to draw attention to the importance of communication and knowledge transfer between local economic and social actors about the tourism, cultural heritage, traditional local products and other important issues among the business partners.

The slogan of the conference:

„Get informed, - Be properly informed about the professional issues

Get inspired, - Be inspired about mutual learning and practical knowledge transfer

Get involved, - Take part, meet the members and multiple skills of the community”

The first conference was held in Austria in 2010, the next one in Germany in 2011, then in Estonia in 2012, in Finland in 2013, then Austria hosted the event in 2014. In autumn, 2015 Italy followed. This year it will be held in Hungary. In 2017, Luxembourg provides the location and receives the professional delegation of nearly 300 persons from rural areas of the EU Member States.

We hope that this event will be a significant contribution to disseminate Hungary’s results achieved in rural development throughout Europe and to widen the international relations of domestic rural communities.

At the official opening ceremonies, high-level experts of the member states welcomed the participants. It was a memorable moment in 2012, when the Estonian president, Toomas Hendrik Ilves opened the event and greeted the members of international delegation from 26 European countries.

The international event was supported by local settlements, mayors, city council, non-governmental organizations and self-employed people of the operating area of Upper Sand Ridge Rural Development Association. The following settlements were included: Apaj, Áporka, Bugyi, Dabas, Dömsöd, Csévharaszt, Hernád, Inárcs, Kakucs, Kiskunlacháza, Lórév, Makád, Újlengyel, Újhartyán, Pusztavacs, Ráckeve, Szigetbecse, Szigetcsép, Szigetújfalu, Szigetszentmárton, Tatárszentgyörgy, Táborfalva, Örkény, Vasad.

To get more information about the international initiative, please visit the official website of LINC:

In the planned agenda, we would like to present the developments implemented with EU support in the area of Upper Sand Ridge Association for Rural Development between 2007 and 2013.